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One of the problems is that as an introvert, you often misunderstand what it really means to be assertive - which is why this free masterclass is so valuable

If you know you need to hold better boundaries, speak up when someone is being rude or aggressive, sign up now.

* Maybe you want to push back when a manager keeps giving you unhelpful feedback.

* Perhaps it's time to speak up about someone who has taken credit for your work.

* Or, like many of us, you need to ask for time to think before you make a decision.

Whatever your reason to be more assertive, this workshop will be time well spent.

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How to assert yourself authentically without feeling awkward or guilty

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What you will learn from this masterclass

Secret #1:

Understand the introvert way of asserting yourself

Much of what is taught around assertiveness is ideal for extraverts, but we need a different approach. One we can apply confidently.

Secret #2:

Know when you should stand up for yourself & what to say

There's a time and a place and knowing the right thing to say at the right time is a real skill. You need that skill if you want to be respected.

Secret #3:

What not to do & how to recover if things get heated

Sometimes people react in unexpected ways. Knowing how to recover a situation calmly and with confidence maintains relationships.

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